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Event: White Night Festival at St. Petersburg, Russia

Event: White Night Festival at St. Petersburg, Russia

Want to experience a unique experience while on holiday to Russia? Try visiting during the White Night Festival. It is an annual international arts festival consisting of a series of classical ballet, opera and music events.

Uniquely, this event was held during the midnight sun, aka the midnight sun, which is a natural phenomenon in the summer in the area.

Overview of the White Night Festival

This festival was first held in 1993 by mayor Anatoly Sobchak with the aim of popularizing local culture by exploiting the white night phenomenon in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg.

FYI, this city does have an unusual geographical position, namely near the Arctic Circle. As a result, every year around April 21 to August 21, the sky of St. Petersburg never experiences total darkness like night, but rather the atmosphere is like evening according to https://www.apopkarotaryfair.org/.

As a result, it will be difficult for us to differentiate between day and night conditions. This phenomenon is celebrated with the White Nights Festival or Beliye Nochi.

From then until now, this event has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in this city. During the long day, visitors from all over the world can attend various cultural events and activities, such as music and theater, visual arts exhibitions, including sculpture and photography.

Apart from that, various outdoor arts events will also be held, such as concerts, parades and fireworks shows.

Not just entertainment, this festival is also full of educational elements with workshops, public lectures, as well as art classes with speakers from leading artists from various fields.

White Night Festival: Schedule, Location, Tickets

White Night Festival Russia, St. Petersburg This year’s St. Petersburg event will take place from June 12, 2023 to July 2, 2023.

The location is of course in the City of St. Petersburg, Russia, including the Mariinsky Theater as the host and center of festival activities, the suburb of Peterhof St. Petersburg, the Neva River, and several other places.

During these 55 days, many events will be held as part of the festival and each ticket price is different.

Tourist Attractions

Throughout the festival there will be hundreds of art events taking place, but these few events are the most popular.

Scarlett Sails. This is the oldest and most famous performance at this festival with an audience reaching millions of people. Inspired by a children’s fairy tale with the same title which tells of adventures at sea.
The most anticipated attraction in this show is the passing of a large boat with bright red sails accompanied by loud fireworks and lively music.

Stars of the White Nights. Watching this show will amaze you with extraordinary performances complete from classical ballet dance, classical music, and artistic masterpieces from famous artists from all over the world. Stars of the White Nights itself takes place at the Mariinsky Theatre.

Carnival. The White Nights Festival also features a carnival in the Peterhof St. Petersburg area. St. Petersburg. This carnival is a reenactment of the story of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great.

At this event the city streets will be even more lively filled with actors wearing ancient costumes complete with horse-drawn carriages. As a result, this atmosphere seems to invite the audience back to the past.

Interesting right? What is clear is that the White Night Festival is a holiday experience that you should not miss, especially for art and culture lovers. So, so that your holiday trip runs smoothly, make sure you book your hotel well in advance.

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